Growing up in the middle of no where with 4 dogs (one of which desperately needs fixed) and a cat, I’ve realized I love animals and the woods. I could never permanently live in a town or city. The peaceful air and the birds singing along with the occasional gun shot from a neighbor target shooting has become my home. I am a book nerd who reads pretty much anywhere. I want to write books that other people will read with the same interest that I have when I stick my nose in a book.

Seeing the beautiful nature thatI would like to job shadow an editor and/or English tutor. I am currently majoring in English through an online college program CollegePlus.God has created has made me love photography. I don’t have a fancy camera or spend hours editing. I just snap photos with my iPhone when I see something that catches my eye. I love looking at other people’s photography even more. It gives me ideas for what I can do when I snap a couple pictures.

Being 16, I hope to have a lot of opportunities in front of me.  Hopefully I can publish some books someday and my writing can be better because of this blog. I want to use it for poems, story ideas, random thoughts that I have towards society and life in general, and some pictures on occasion when they come out right. Thank you for looking through my blog. It means a lot. 🙂


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