Renars and Ralfs – Boys That Steal Your Heart

I wanted to write about two boys that I have had the pleasure of spending a little bit of time with recently. Their names are Renars (he’s 12) and Ralfs (he’s 8). They are brothers from an orphanage in Latvia and they were hosted by a family that I know over the Christmas/New Year break. They are going back to school soon, so they leave on Wednesday which is why I wanted to write about them before I forget the good details and smiles.

I have always had it in my heart to adopt. My family has too, in fact. Except for my Dad. He doesn’t want to take it on because he isn’t sure if he could handle it. My Mom has always wanted to adopt two brothers. It’s been over 7 years that she’s had that desire and nothing seemed to be opening up. Then, the Lord worked miracles to bring these boys over from Latvia to have a home for Christmas and New Year’s.

When I met these boys for the first time, I fell in love with them. They weren’t going to be staying with us over the holidays, but I still got to see them at church and some social functions. I have always wanted a younger brother and now right before my eyes, here are two that need a home! It’s so hard to tell your heart to calm down because you might not end up with them. I still can’t help it. I want to cry every time I see them because my heart wants them to be a part of our family so badly.

We had the family that was hosting Renars and Ralfs over yesterday for dinner and that will be the last time that I see them until the summer. And that is only if they are able to be hosted by the same family in the summer.

Renars and Ralfs don’t learn English in Latvia, but they understand everything you say now and they are speaking a lot more than when they came. Renars wanted to see my room yesterday and when he did, he climbed onto my double bed and laid back and said, “Ohhh.” I asked him if he liked it and he said, “Big bed! Ah.” He pretended to be sleeping.

Soon, he started looking at my stuffed animals. I have one that is a dog, but it’s also a purse. You can unhook the purse strap and make it a leash. He picked it up and was petting it and Renars started looking at the collar. There’s a metal circle that’s meant to be a sort of tag and it says “Puppy at <3”. He grabbed it and looked at me and said, “Ooo I like.”

“You like it?” I asked him. He nodded his head looking at it with big eyes. My sister Anna had given him a chain necklace with a small padlock on it that she made and he loved that and so I said, “Well maybe I can take it off and it will fit on your chain.”

So I did, and he told me I was strong for taking it off of the metal loop and putting it on his chain. Once it was on,  Renars said, “Oh! One, now two!” I wanted to cry because I was so glad he was happy and liked it. I was also surprised at myself for giving the metal tag away because it was one of my most prized possessions. I didn’t even think twice about it.

My brother had bought me the dog for my 10th birthday and we named it Guinea Pig because he thought that’s what it looked like. I’ve treasured it ever since, but even more so since he was killed almost 5 years ago. It’s one of the last gifts I have from him. I knew that Jordan would’ve wanted Renars to have the metal tag if he liked it that much and I figured what better way to show I care about these boys than to give them my prized possessions? Renars really did like it. I didn’t end up telling anyone what I had done. I figure only I will know and whoever reads this.

Ralfs is the sweetest too. I have a bunch of plastic animals and when Renars had seen them he instantly grabbed the white tiger mom and the white tiger cub and said, “Oo I like!” Knowing that I had just given him the tag, I think he picked up that whenever he says he likes something, I might give it to him. He said, “I have?” I told him, “Sure Renars, you can have 1 or 2 if you like.” He kept grabbing on to the tigers and made his choice without having to look at the other animals. Ralfs saw and started trying to pick one, but he couldn’t make up his mind. So he kept talking with Renars in Latvian to have him help make a choice. Ralfs picked up two dogs and three puppies and Renars said, “No, two Ralfs.”

So he kept trying to pick and he finally settled on a mommy seal and a baby seal. He kept caressing them and he would make the mommy kiss the baby. I kept thinking about how they are probably desperate for loving parents. I was hoping maybe having little animals like that might give them something happy to think about when they get back to Latvia. I hope they take care of the animals and enjoy them, because out of all of my animals I had collected, those were my favorites. All I can say about that is that I like Renars’ and Ralfs’ taste. 🙂

To sum up, I love Renars and Ralfs and I just need prayer to be okay with the fact that my family probably won’t end up having them because the other family wants to adopt them and my Dad is still not on board with adoption. These boys, whether I ever see them again or not, are the most precious things to ever cross paths with me and I won’t ever forget them. I’ll always love them like they were my siblings, even if they never get to be.


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