Thursday Volunteer Work

Today, in the salon at St. Andrew’s I spent the day pushing residents back and forth from their living community to the salon. I realized that I have a special bond with the beautician, Jean. She and I get along really well and I am thankful that I have the rest of my Thursday’s to spend with her. She has a genuine love and care for the residents and enjoys doing their hair, even if they are picky sometimes. I helped her take out rollers from the ladies’ hair and handed her rollers to put in their hair. I also talked with or sat with the ladies who were under the hair dryer to keep them company.

Today I met an interesting character. I’d never seen him before, but he would prove to be the most intelligent (perhaps in a slightly annoying way – but I didn’t mind too much) and particular man that had come in to get his hair done. He’s one of those people that knows exactly what he wants, why he wants it, and how to tell people how to exactly accomplish it in the most perfect manner for his peace of mind. Needless to say, Jean and I were given a lengthy list of things he wanted done in a specific order. I definitely learned that I need to work on my patience. Jean treated him with the utmost amount of ease and compliance. I, on the other hand, found myself wondering how this man could be so particular. I caught myself mid-thought, however, and The Lord brought to mind everything that I have to have a particular way. Even though my case is not as severe as some, I have mild Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and have to have some things a certain way, or it makes me anxious or upset. I learned from thinking about all of this that I am no less particular than he is, just in different respects. By the end of the day I found myself not too bothered by his specific requests.

Some of the skills that I learned today, was better vocabulary and conversational eloquence. Although, I must say, I have not mastered it in the least. The particular man, however, had indeed. He spoke like he stepped out of Anne of Green Gables’ imagination or Jane Austen’s Bennett abode. It made me consider how I speak and caused me to have a desire to broaden my vocabulary and syntax in order to sound more mature and eloquent.

I didn’t face any problems today in the salon, but I did acquire new leadership skills. I now believe that I can carry on a conversation with a person who has specific needs and dutifully attend to them and work alongside them in a way that I wouldn’t have done before today.


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