Creative Inspiration

I find it difficult to stay creatively inspired. My inspiration comes in spurts of crazy colorful ideas and then they all fade slowly back to a thick gray consistency that clogs my brain. I want to be creatively inspired to write and create things all the time. Is that too much to ask, brain? Apparently so. Another problem for my 3lbs of gray matter in my skull is that I can’t seem to come up with a completely original idea for writing. I have a 99% original idea for a book that I’m working on right now, but other than that, I don’t have a single original idea in my head – and it bothers me.

Do I actually have talent? Or is it just that I have an ability to take other peoples ideas, lop them together into something new, and call it my own? Is this just as good as coming up with a completely original idea? Or is it just what people do when they are desperate to have author-related talent like the “big name” writers? Half the time I wonder if I would even be able to sell a book. But, any more, it does seem as though people are copying ideas and concepts off of each other for books just so they can get famous. It seems they have a mindset like, “Oh. I see that Suzanne Collins has made it big. I think I’ll borrow some of those ideas so that I can make it big too.” Is this creative inspiration? Maybe it’s not really what the author wants to write about. Maybe authors just write what we want to read instead of putting down on paper what they actually want to tell the world through their book.

I don’t want to be an author like that. I don’t want to conform to what people want to read. I want to convey something through writing that I want to tell the world, whether I get famous by publishing it or not. One of these days I will have an idea all my own. An original thought that breaks through the gray sludge that clogs my brain. Something that brings out every vibrant and colorful thought that could ever cross my brain. Something that continues allowing the colorful creative juices to flow and allows even more original ideas to be formed. Whether I get famous or not by publishing a book, I want to write something worth remembering. Maybe that’s what everyone wants. Maybe sometimes they achieve that by pulling some little ideas here and there from famous authors. In fact, maybe this is what shows that we can soak up what is around us, and use it our advantage by turning it into something new and “original”. This is what makes a writer – using what sources you’re given in your brain along with what is around you in the world, books, movies, and God’s creation and finding that it doesn’t only help you say what you wanted to say all along, but it helps you say it better than you ever could if you hadn’t used what was around you for creative inspiration.


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