Stupid People Do Stupid Things

As it turns out, stupid people do stupid things. Who knew, right? I find that people anymore, are purposefully making themselves stupid in a sense. They are smart people, making stupid choices. Specifically I have been thinking of girls that throw themselves at men. Why do they feel the need to say, “Oh my gosh he’s so hot.”? Why do they throw themselves at any guy just because they want attention? That is not a good way to get attention in my opinion. It’s like this. If you want a guy to pay you good attention, then you shouldn’t flaunt yourself and practically beg at his feet. If he doesn’t recognize you for your exceptional personality and maturity and goodness of heart, then he isn’t worth your time and he doesn’t deserve you.

The sooner girls get this in their head, the sooner that 16 year old girls won’t be pregnant with drug beat jerk’s babies and end up with a baby who is fatherless. If we were all blind physically, then I think the world would be better off. No one would judge another based on their appearance, no one would like someone else because of their looks or only want to be friends with someone because they’re a popular attractive girl. We would start recognizing the worth inside each other and how stupid it is that we judge based on appearance and measure worth in appearance. But, after all we are smart people making stupid choices and making ourselves look like stupid people as a result. Until that changes, I guess we will all have to just watch each other’s perception of worth and attractiveness go down the toilet with all our opportunities of making something of ourselves to prove that smart people can make smart choices after all.  


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