Quirky Habits

A quirky habit that annoys me is when people make their situation out to be more than it is just to get the attention of others. Like this for example, “Oh my goodness! Something just exploded in my basement! And at the same time my kid is throwing up and is really pale and it looks like I’ll have to take them to the ER.” When the real situation is a pipe was expanding to get heat through and the child just ate too fast and gagged. It’s like they just want the attention, or they’re just really naive about everything. But no matter what it is they feel the need to post it on social media. (I don’t know if that’s a quirky habit or what but I figured I’d voice it anyway)

A quirky habit that I like is….. well you know I’m not sure I really know any quirky habits now that I think about it…. I’m so insightful don’t you know.


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